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With my new bed, I have fantastic sleeps these days. I konk out, then don't wake up until I'm actually supposed to. Its great and everything, I feel more awake and rested and all that, but I kind of miss that feeling of waking up in the middle of the night, looking at my phone, and having that lovely comforting feeling of "oooh, I get two whole more hours sleep, lovely!"

Anyway. This morning I did a real good sleep in and didn't get out of bed until like 11am.

This is bad, because I've taken 2 days off work to catch up with my school work. Losing half the day didn't really help me achieve my goal.

I will take this opportunity to tell you all about my school work. Oh, actually, no I won't.

I'll tell you all about it in a WHOLE NEW POST!! Vanessa, I took you seriously!
Sleep is important. Our bed is old and crappy but becasue we're in a rented flat, we can't do anything about it. Although, Simon put a spare quilt under the sheet when he changed the covers last time and it's lovely!
Ask your landlord for a new mattress. We got both beds in our flat replaced and I wish I'd asked as soon as we moved in :o)
Yeah, I think that we should. Landlords have legal responsibilities to replace things like beds, after all.
After all, the worse they can say is "no" and then you can tell them to fuck off and get a new tenant :o)

Have you had a leaflet telling you whether your landlord has signed up to the new nationwide accreditation scheme? If so, you have even more rights.
After the horror of last year, I'm not moving again unless it's really necessary! We are very aware of our rights now, though.
Just checked the Shelter website for you and found this article:

I'm glad I don't rent in England. Just to rub your nose in it, in Scotland we have greater rights to repair and can appeal to a local rental panel if the repairs are not carried out. Still, it's worth you asking...
does that mean its better to be a landlord in England?

I will be renting out my old house one of these days, when I pull my finger out. Need to work some magic with some plastering, a couple of tins of paint, and a roll or 2 of carpet first.

And hope the tenants don't notice that the kitchen roof needs replacing.
I'd hope, whatever legislative framework you're operating in, you'd actually be a good landlord whatever:

I hope I would too!!!

I just don't want to get into a position where I have to replace things for a tenant that I wouldn't replace for myself.

I was advised to rent unfurnished because it is infinitely less hassle.

I just want to avoid replacing the kitchen roof for as long as I can. It will hold up for another couple of years, I'm sure...
I'm on tenterhooks for the next post...