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If anyone is too fat it is NOT POLLY.

I hate it when stupid people try to have opinions about my baby.

She's perfect and healthy and clever. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE I COULD MENTION.

Posted via LjBeetle
Who would say that? How can a baby be fat? Aren't babies supposed to be eating plenty so they can grow? Polly looks perfect, and very content. Plus, babies can't eat too much because they're BABIES!
But Polly is beautiful! If I were using adjectives to describe her, they would include 'bonny', 'healthy' and 'happy'. I am confident that stupid people will try and have opinions on Polly if they think she is underweight, overweight, the right-weight-but-wrong-in-some-other-way...

I would like to put forward my opinion on Polly, which is that she is great, to counter other opinions. But, to be fair, you don't need my opinion to know that either.
People suck. Ignore them. Polly is perfect.
A quick trip to Facebook reveals to me that Polly is not fat. And I am an uncaring shit with no understanding of children, so am officially objective on this matter.

Like Mo I am not actually sure if there is such a thing as an overweight baby - don't they change size from day to day and week to week?

(In later news, WTF. Who has the right to make that statement? You wouldn't walk up to a 60 year old man and say, gosh, you're bald. Insert massive rant about obsession with image and weight loss being transferred to children and screwing with people's heads.)
Agreed with everyone else here. Babies know what they need and will feed when they need it. She is a healthy, happy baby - and if she was skinny I would be a lot more worried!

I, too, am confused as to how anyone could even say a baby is too fat. Ridiculous!
Exactly! A skinny baby would be much more worrying! Babies are supposed to be plump (not that Polly looks any plumper than any other baby) until they start moving around.