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Our lovely government propose to cut University funding for students undertaking equivalent or lower qualifications to those already held.

Nurse or teacher training is exempt, as are Foundation degrees.

Please help pursuade the government to make The Open University exempt too.

A substantial proportion of the OUs students are studying equivalent or lower qualifications - this will disproportionately affect the Open University and seriously jeopardise its ability to offer study at an affordable price.

The higher the price the fewer the students the lower the income the fewer courses the sooner the OU goes kaput.

Don't let it happen! Sign the petition at the 10 Downing Street website.
Things I might want for Christmas
(this is basically a list for mister Neal...)

I like this artist, based in the UK selling prints in US dollah - I like lots of her stuff, but particularly this lovely pink print with a teapot.

Of all Kerry's bracelets I think I love Into The Woods the best. Or Plunder Bunny. Or, to be frank, all of them. I like the roses though, they are cool. And the skulls.

A pine dresser. All traditional like, but not flouncy or orange.

I don't know actually.

A house.

A baby.

Some bedding made of jersy material because its warm and comfy.

A house.

A baby.

A page per day diary, there are some nice ones in Paperchase. Page per day. Every day has its own page. One day on one page. Have I stressed that enough?

A house.

A baby.

Colourful things. I like colourful things at the moment. Like rainbows.

A house.

A baby.

I decided that the best course of action after my reaction to the single mouthful of margharita was to mix myself a whole cocktail shaker full of the stuff.

For anyone concerned about my nutrition (probably only me) - I also had some carrots, green beans and asparagus. That makes healthy, right?
Hello world.

1. I got home from work to discover a big rip in the seat of my pants. I have had my ass hanging out all day, and nobody said anything. Not sure if that is good or bad.

2. I mixed myself a margharita to cheer me up. One mouthful was all it took to make me feel drunk. I just can't take it these days.

3. Neal is in Fife today.

4. I have been knitting. Me likes the knitting, but I'm a bit shit. I look back and see some just plain wrong stitches, but don't understand how I could have done it.

5. I think I've cracked Cosmology & Particle Physics. I keep anticipating the next thing the book is going to tell me. That's a good sign, right?

6. I can't be arsed cooking tonight. Is cocktails an acceptable dinner?

7. If I have grouched recently to any of you about one of my team at work being crap, the tables have turned. She is now up to date & I can't fault her (apart from the fact that she is bloody loud & irritating) - and I am struggling to keep my head above water. This means it is time to delegate like mad.

8. I suddenly really want some long, rainbow striped, fingerless gloves. I can't find any anywhere. But I WANT SOME!!!

9. I want to have a party but my house isn't tidy enough and I don't have enough time to tidy it and I have not enough friends to make a party.

10. I want to have babies so I never have to work again.
I have finished my first (well, first this year) OU course today.

Well, I say finished. I have finished the study part, I am about 2/3 the way through the final assessment (which doesn't need to be handed in until July), so I'm going to leave it a bit.

It was on Human Nutrition.

I have now started my second course.. on Cosmology & Particle Physics.

After having raced through Human Nutrition in about a month and found it quite easy going (but interesting), I was half expecting the same sort of level from the Cosmology & Particle Physics.

How silly. I got question 1 wrong, texted my dad for help in a mad panic, and I'm now stuck again on page 14.

I will beat it. I will.
Today I am working from home.

Its a bit weird. Having to not be distracted by all of the distracting things, and then spend a sensible amount of time making dinner, rather than an hour of preparation.

I have been sent home to work because I get too distracted at work with all the queries & people & all that stuff.

Oddly, despite the fact that my house should theoretically be a million times more distracting (San Andreas! Crafts! Studying! TV! Staring out the window! Cleaning! t'internet! Sleep!) - I've actually been able to spend real quality time working. Something that I'd forgotten existed.
I have been trying really hard to tidy up, clear all the surfaces I seem to clutter just by glancing at them.

It seems, however, that as soon as I create some space, I feel the need to fill it.

I cleared my desk!

...and immediately got out paper, stamps, ink, brushes and a knife, and made a replacement picture to go in a frame I found.

Now I have mess again.

I think I will never live in a tidy house.
Hello friends!

For some reason that I cannot possibly explain, I decided to do a charity aerobathon. Having not done aerobics since school (or pretty much any excercise at all to be honest) I am not sure what made me think I would survive a long session of aerobics. I am practicing twice a week, and can barely last the full hour, let alone a longer session!!

I will be taking part in Yorkshire's biggest Aerobathon on Monday 26th March (yes, that's this Monday... please don't remind me), in support of Yorkshire Cancer Research. I am doing it with two work colleagues, Debbie and Joanne.

Don't ask me why, but we have called ourselves the Jelly Dancers, our online fundraising page can be found here at Justgiving.com - please dig deep and sponsor us!

About our charity : Yorkshire Cancer Research
Yorkshire Cancer Research funds internationally renowned research at universities and associated teaching hospitals throughout Yorkshire. Its work is helping the fight against prostate, lung, skin, oesophageal and cervical cancers to name a few. By supporting Yorkshire Cancer Research you will be helping to find cures.
Charity Registration No 516898

p.s. if you pay the higher 40% tax rate, you may want to read info on reclaiming the difference.
Tonight, I set off at 19:30 in mad rush, in the hopes of getting a bus into town to catch a film at 8pm (London to Brighton at the Pictureville, was good).

With running, and foot-hurting and gaspy breathing, I arrived at a few minutes to eight, only to find the film starts at 8:30.

Oh well. Better half an hour early than half an hour late.

Speaking of running across town, on Wednesday last week, I got off my first bus in Market Street, set off up the road, and realised I'd left my blimmin' handbag on the bus. I had to run right across town to next to the old Odeon before I caught up with the bus & could get my bag back. I was lucky it was still there though!

I was broken that day. Couldn't breathe for hours. It took all day to lose the ensuing cough.

I am so unfit.
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