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I have already studied:

S197 - How The Universe Works
- Cosmology & Particle Physics. I actually enjoyed it and started reading the related articles in New Scientist with genuine interest. Not so much any more. Its become boring again.

S180 - Studying Mammals
- I hate courses with the words "Studying" or "Understanding" in the title. I enjoyed this though. It was beautiful, and involved watching David Attenborough.

SK183 - Understanding Human Nutrition
- I understand that nutrition guidelines are bullshit

T184 - Robotics & The Meaning Of Life
- interesting but quite basic. The "robot" I made out of lego for the course was basically a box on wheels. I also got to read I, Robot. Not sure I learned much, apart from the existence of the "Uncanny valley"

M150 - Data, Computing and Information
- bog basic computer course. I could do no work for a month, then catch up in an afternoon. Which was good, because at one point I was also studying 3 other courses. No, 4. But only for a couple of weeks.

MST121 - Using Mathematics
- revision in parts. Challenging (in a nice managable simple challenge way) in others.

MS221 - Exploring Mathematics
- Extension of previous course. More challenging, but still not hard hard challenging. This was my first level 2 course, which is when you start getting grades of pass, rather than just "Pass". I got a distinction. Go me!

M255 - Object Oriented Programming with Java
- Not finished this one yet. Done all the assignments (average mark 97%! Its easy when you can tell if your code works or not. Just run it - does it do what it says on the tin? No? Try again!) - got the exam on June 15th.

SD226 - Biological Psychology: Exploring the Brain
- REALLY enjoying the actual studying part. But hate the assignments. Mostly because I got my worst EVER mark in the first one. So bad I actually sent it back to get marked again, becuse I couldn't believe I was capable of such a bad mark. What pissed me off the most was losing marks for not describing two lobes of the brain, in a question about representations of the brain, which merely asked me to MENTION two lobes. Not describe them.
- Also, I suck at essays
- Trying to work on my second assignment for this one now.

Because M255 is just about coming to an end, I would normally be just about starting my next course. I like to do two at once, and overlap a little at the ends. Because SD226 has been so much more time consuming and demanding than the others I've done so far, I'm holding off starting another one until October. Then, I'm going to do two more Java ones.

I also want to do 6 short courses which culminate in a Web Development certificate. They have had bad student reviews about being a lot of work with fairly little support, but I figure that it might actually be useful in real life. So I might go for it.

I also want to do Signals & Perceptions: The Science of the Senses - but I suspect I'll have similar problems to those I'm having with the Biological Psychology one.

The final course that I'm aiming for is Natural & Artificial Intelligence.

At this rate, I should get my degree in 2013.

p.s. - I went through a phase of calling the Biological Psychology course Neurobiology, because it sounded less fluffy.
thank you!
when I start the web dev stuff, I'm sure I'll call you on that!